Doug Clark wrote a paper called "Bugs are good"; it is hard to find, but
some of the material can be found in his paper: "Large-Scale Hardware
Simulation: Modeling and Verification Strategies", which you can find
While specifically discussing design and testing of systems, much of
what Doug says in this document is of wide applicability.

I recommend reading through this paper carefully.  It is the attitude
shift that bugs and resolving them are a sign of progress that is most
important to take away from it.  Many of the ideas have direct
applicability to software as well as hardware.

I would like to encourage everyone on the project to take this to heart:
every bug we find now is one less we'll deal with, and probably
thousands or even millions of people will not suffer from.

Do not sweep bugs, particularly possible hardware bugs, under the
carpet.  Get them into the bug tracking system, where we won't forget
them, and make sure the hardware information gets captured.  Bugs are
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