On 09/21/2016 08:32 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
Not this time. ;) The kernel maintainers started getting builds that
failed and got stuck in odd ways. A few other larger packages (glibc)
maintainers also hit this issue. The mock logs simply showed a bunch of
"Fork failed" messages and a bunch of processes stuck in D

At first we thought it might be a kernel issue, so we tried various
kernels on the builders without any luck. Then the kernel maintainers
added some patches to see if they could get debugging from the deadlock
it was hitting. That fixed the processes stuck in D, but builds still

I still believe that there is a kernel issue. The kernel signals that the process has terminated before releasing its resources. This results in a race condition where you can spuriously exceed your process quota. The systemd limit just made it easier to hit.


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