On 2016-10-15, 21:55 GMT, Ian Malone wrote:
> I apologise, I have clearly failed in my obligation to answer 
> every one of your questions in detail and debate the use and 
> existence of TeX purely on your terms. Please continue in your 
> campaign to have it discontinued, I suggest you now write to 
> the people at CTAN, the creators of TeX Live and Donald Knuth 
> with your concerns, I'm sure they will all bow to your 
> inexorable logic.

Translated into English: SHOW ME THE CODE! The biggest problem 
of TeXLive in Fedora, is that almost nobody does it. There used 
to be one Red Hat employee who did a lot of TeXLive maintenance 
(not much how much in his free time), but he is gone from Red 
Hat and now the main maintainer is spot. He is my hero, but take 
a look at the number of packages he maintains (including tiny 
ones like Chromium).

So, if you want to take over TeXLive maintenance and break it 
into something awesome, I believe the opposition could be 
overcame. Long lists of tasks somebody else should do won't 
change much, I am afraid.



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