On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 01:29:01PM +0200, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> > If I look at this from my POV as the upstream maintainer of a graphical
> > application wishing to make it widely available to users of many distros.
> > The question is whether it is beneficial for me to join Fedora packaging
> > world to package my app, or whether to package it standalone as a flatpak
> > and never get involved in Fedora at all.
> >
> > With the proposed F27 rule here, I would have less work todo if I just
> > built my app as a flatpak, as I can avoid creating RPMs and just build
> > a single flatpak that should work on all distros. IOW by mandating
> > continued creation of RPMs, alongside flatpaks, we would be discouraging
> > people from becoming Fedora maintainers.
> From a user standpoint, what's the difference? What's the benefit from 
> having upstream deliver their software Flatpak-only under the Fedora 
> umbrella? It may as well come directly from upstream at that point. The 
> whole point of delivering software under the Fedora umbrella is to deliver 
> it as RPMs. If there is no RPM, delivering through Fedora is completely 
> useless.

Use of RPM is merely a particular historical choice of delivery mechanism,
and certainly not the defining characteristic of what it means to be the
Fedora distribution. For users consuming the Fedora desktop, the fact that
they're using RPM is hidden away as an implementation detail behind the
apps like GNOME software.

Upstream still has to choose what base layer(s) they build their application
flatpak on top of, and thus Fedora is a clearly choice there. Fedora also
still provides the infrastructure for building flatpaks, hosting to distribute
and mirror them, review of flatpak image manifests, quality testing before
release, and more. Essentially the things that Fedora already does for
software provided via RPMs, are still beneficial to at least some extent
when using flatpaks.

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