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> On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 09:22:08AM -0400, Josh Boyer wrote:
> > > repo is supported and it needs to not break. We've been super super
> lenient
> >
> > That's a completely untenable position.  There is only one kernel for
> > all the Editions.  There will be times where the kernel needs to be
> > updated to fix a CVE and it breaks the nVidia driver.  There is no way
> > you can hold the entire distro hostage to an out-of-tree *proprietary*
> > driver.
> I thought the desktop team was working on a plan where if there is a
> kernel update with no working Nvidia driver, the new kernel would be
> installed but the default boot would stay the old one until the driver
> update is available (overridable by the user at any time or on the
> distro side if we flag a kernel update as important or critical for
> security). I've got some misgivings about even that, but it sounds far
> better than holding back the kernel overall.
Pretty sure the last testing I did with the details form Hans's blog[0] the
behaviour was that if the nvidia driver failed then the nouveau driver was
a fallback (rather than the older instructions that totally blacklisted it
leaving no GPU at all).

Of course this is only helpful when the GPU is supported by nouveau ;)

Note I haven't tested the negativo driver yet on the stabalization copr as
I prefer the bumblebee experience since that keeps the discrete GPU powered
down saving battery and temperatures when not in use ... and the negativo
driver flips everything over to running on the discrete GPU and ignores the
Intel integrated one.

Given that it's fundamentally the same driver though I expect the
experience to be the same - willing to test and report back :)

[0] https://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/17356.html
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