Dne 9.2.2018 v 09:21 Kevin Kofler napsal(a):
> Matthew Miller wrote:
>> Second, there's package maintainer changelogs. These are really
>> redundant with the dist-git log. We don't really need this anymore.
>> It's just a chore.
> My %changelog entries are not identical to the dist-git commit messages:
> 1. It often takes me several git commits to make a new EVR that builds.
>    Also, typos in commit messages cannot be fixed. (Both of those issues
>    could be solved if we were to allow force pushes to dist-git, but that
>    would open a much bigger can of worms, as you certainly know.)
> 2. Most of my git commit messages are of the form:
>    one-line summary
>    full copy&paste of the RPM changelog entry, including the line with date,
>    author and EVR.
>    (The only ones that deviate from that format are followup fixup commits
>    as per point 1.) If you are going to generate RPM changelogs from those
>    commit messages, they will look really messy, with the date-author-EVR
>    line duplicated.
> 3. Some of my commit messages contain additional notes that are not intended
>    for the package changelog. (Typically a full paragraph of explanatory
>    text.)
> Thus, I think autogenerating the %changelog from dist-git commit messages 
> would degrade its quality a lot, at least for my packages.

This doesn't mean it could not work. There are, for example, well
established [skip ci] marks [1] used to skip CI for minor changes. We
could have something similar such as [skip changelog], or something of
opposite meaning to include just some specific part of commit message.

In the end it would save you at least the "full copy&paste of the RPM
changelog entry, including the line with date,   author and EVR." work.

BTW I assume you know "fedpkg clog" and "git commit -F clog" to save you
copy&pasting ;)


[1] https://www.google.cz/search?q=skip+ci

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