Good Morning Everyone,

The week before DevConf, a number of the members of the Fedora Infrastructure
met in Brno to discuss states and plans for the infrastructure.
One of the question that raised was about darkserver.

This application is available at:
and is meant to:

enable developer tools to identify exact package builds from which process
images (e.g. core dumps) come. This can enable their analysis, debugging
profiling, by finding out where the rpm / elf / dwarf files may be found, so
they can download them. (This is even better than
abrt-action-install-debuginfo-to-abrt-cache because that apparently cannot query
files no longer indexed by repodata.)


However, it seems this application has not been working for a long time now and
not many people asked about it.

So, is anyone using this service?

If there is little interest for this project, we will likely decommission it in
the coming weeks (say end of March).

Thanks for your attention and your feedback,

For the Fedora Infrastructure team

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