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I guess the problem I am having is I have no idea what we are
"fixing". It all seems like needless form filling for no benefit. If
XYZ-a is always going to pull in ABC.. why are we are explicitely
saying we need ABC. Is the end goal to have every package that could
be in the build root at the time of building be explicitely there?
[AKA get rid of the build root?]

The aim is to have a minimal build root, which is sufficient to interpret spec files and pull in language-specific compilers as need, not to have every compiler Fedora ships in the default build root just in case it is needed. As you may have noticed, Fedora includes more and more language stacks, many of them not gcc based, most of them with heavy language-specific tooling.

The gcc BR is kind of a special case, it would be more interesting to have a "I am a C program that uses gcc" macro that does more things than just pulling in the gcc compiler (replace C with every language gcc is used with)

A lighter default build root means saving time and resources in koji, copr or mock, which translates in savings days during mass rebuilds, which means problems are identified earlier, and fixing them is less time-constrained, rushed, exhausting and risky.

Nicolas Mailhot
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