Hi Athos,

hope everything is fine and you have better things to do than spending much time updating the Go spec files :)

Anything you need and/or anything that could help you to minimize your packaging time, please, let us know :).

On 03/04/2018 08:20 PM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le samedi 03 mars 2018 à 11:47 -0300, Athos Ribeiro a écrit :
Are there any intentions to push the macros into f28? I really liked
improvements in the spec file sizes, but porting too many packages now
and keep them updated in both f28 and rawhide (making the branches
completely different) would mean a lot of extra work. Or maybe I am
too late here since we are quite close from the beta freeze.
The intention is to get everything in a state everyone likes in -devel,
and then push it back to as many stable releases as possible (including
maybe EL7, EL6 really seems too old)

I took a liberty and pushed the new macros into f27+ yesterday.
The naming and API of each macro should be pretty stable now.
There may be slight changes in the API but that should not be fatal.
Feel free to update you packages on f27+ and let us know if there are any difficulties :).

The nice thing about using new macro names is that is can not break any
existing spec file, unchanged specs just won't see the changes (except
maybe %gotest, we had to change it brutally because of its insane
argument structure)


The tooling work has progressed a lot those past days, it should now be
able to accommodate both Jan's workflow and mine. The remaining sticking
points are:

1. have the redhat-rpm-config maintainers push the %forge macros to
stable as they promised, now we're reasonably sure they are bug-free

Once the macro.forge are available in f27+ (maybe even f26), I will be more than happy
to dispose all the fallback code I added so the new macros work on f27+.

2. testing testing (help appreciated)!

Definitely. Anything you feel is not right or does not work as expected, feel free to open an issue on https://github.com/gofed/go-macros .

2. fixing (ditto)

3. defining a form of default policy (right now we have lots of flags to
exclude things in install/check/autodeps, but no real opinion on what
exclusions make sense)

Agree, so far most of the Go projects I have encountered with seems pretty default. But you never know. The more "exotic" layouts we have, the more logic we can put into the macros so the packaging is still user-friendly.

4. documenting the changes in the wiki (help *very* appreciated)!

The latest code is in:
https://github.com/gofed/symbols-extractor/ (for the go code)
https://github.com/gofed/go-macros (for Jan's version of macros and
scripts) or
https://github.com/nim-nim/go-macros/tree/improve-integration (for the
changes I did and Jan didn't merge yet)

…and of course in go-compilers and go-srpm-macros whenever Jan does a

I works fine in the simple tests I had time to do, without the warts and
problems reported after the initial merge. Still have some ideas on how
to improve handling of test and example code

Let's please keep in mind we still need to do decide what we are going to do with both wikis. I would like to consolidate both [1] and [2] documents into a single one so there is only
one source of truth about the Go packaging.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/Go
[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/More_Go_packaging

Major changes, by memory:

1. revert to %gometa and %forgemeta like documented in the wiki, you can
forget about providerprefix

2. %goinstall now computes project files that need installation, you
don't need the gofiles=$( line anymore. Though of course you can specify
additional files to install as %goinstall arguments. Passing a file
goinstall already wants to install should be transparent without
duplicated file warnings

3. you can add files by extension in goinstall with -e

4. you can specify another import path to goinstall with -i (though that
does not change how code actually references itself so YMMV)

5. new -d -t -r flags to exclude honoured by pretty much all the macros,
read the doc in the macro files of in %{_bindir}/go-rpm-integration

6. lots of tweaks that should be mostly invisible but make things do the
right thing automatically as much as possible

7. automated md file installation and marking as %doc %gocolllectmd is
dead (in my version, not merged by Jan yet)

8. primitive detection of bundled code (but please just rm -fr vendor)

9. lots of weird user cases now work, even if I'm not sure they're all a
good idea

Anyway if someone wants to test the files, check the spec programmingAPI  is 
convenient and sane, and update
with the changes help would be very appreciated.

We tried to keep API changes to the minimum, but there are some, and I'm
not sure I remember all of them, new eyes would be good.


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