OLD: Fedora-28-20180312.n.0
NEW: Fedora-28-20180313.n.0

===== SUMMARY =====
Added images:        0
Dropped images:      9
Added packages:      1
Dropped packages:    0
Upgraded packages:   10
Downgraded packages: 0

Size of added packages:      137.73 MiB
Size of dropped packages:    0 B
Size of upgraded packages:   47.54 MiB
Size of downgraded packages: 0 B

Size change of upgraded packages:   25.38 KiB
Size change of downgraded packages: 0 B

===== ADDED IMAGES =====

===== DROPPED IMAGES =====
Image: KDE live i386
Path: Spins/i386/iso/Fedora-KDE-Live-i386-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd armhfp
Path: Modular/armhfp/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-armhfp-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd i386
Path: Modular/i386/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-i386-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd ppc64
Path: Modular/ppc64/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-ppc64-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd aarch64
Path: Modular/aarch64/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-aarch64-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd x86_64
Path: Modular/x86_64/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-x86_64-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd s390x
Path: Modular/s390x/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-s390x-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd ppc64le
Path: Modular/ppc64le/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-ppc64le-28-20180312.n.0.iso
Image: Modular dvd src
Path: Modular/source/iso/Fedora-Modular-dvd-source-28-20180312.n.0.iso

===== ADDED PACKAGES =====
Package: f28-backgrounds-28.1.0-1.fc28
Summary: Fedora 28 default desktop background
RPMs:    f28-backgrounds f28-backgrounds-base f28-backgrounds-extras-base 
f28-backgrounds-extras-gnome f28-backgrounds-extras-kde 
f28-backgrounds-extras-mate f28-backgrounds-extras-xfce f28-backgrounds-gnome 
f28-backgrounds-kde f28-backgrounds-mate f28-backgrounds-xfce
Size:    137.73 MiB


Package:      desktop-backgrounds-28.0.0-1.fc28
Old package:  desktop-backgrounds-27.0.0-2.fc28
Summary:      Desktop backgrounds
RPMs:         desktop-backgrounds-basic desktop-backgrounds-compat 
desktop-backgrounds-gnome desktop-backgrounds-waves
Size:         13.42 MiB
Size change:  568 B
  * Mon Mar 05 2018 Luya Tshimbalanga <l...@fedoraproject.org> - 28.0.0-1
  - Enable F28 theme

Package:      ghc-codec-rpm-0.2.0-5.fc28
Old package:  ghc-codec-rpm-0.2.0-4.fc28
Summary:      A library for manipulating RPM files
RPMs:         ghc-codec-rpm ghc-codec-rpm-devel
Size:         9.18 MiB
Size change:  224 B
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Adam Williamson <awill...@redhat.com> - 0.2.0-5
  - Rebuild against the new-old ghc-conduit-extra soname

Package:      ghc-conduit-combinators-1.1.2-4.fc28
Old package:  ghc-conduit-combinators-1.1.2-3.fc28
Summary:      Commonly used conduit functions, for both chunked and unchunked 
RPMs:         ghc-conduit-combinators ghc-conduit-combinators-devel 
Size:         3.79 MiB
Size change:  3.14 KiB
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Adam Williamson <awill...@redhat.com> - 1.1.2-4
  - Rebuild against new ghc-conduit-extra, again

Package:      ghc-conduit-extra-
Old package:  ghc-conduit-extra-
Summary:      Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries
RPMs:         ghc-conduit-extra ghc-conduit-extra-devel
Size:         5.26 MiB
Size change:  5.68 KiB
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Jens Petersen <peter...@redhat.com> -
  - rebuild

Package:      ghc-content-store-0.2.0-5.fc28
Old package:  ghc-content-store-0.2.0-4.fc28
Summary:      Store and retrieve data from an on-disk store
RPMs:         ghc-content-store ghc-content-store-devel
Size:         2.22 MiB
Size change:  3.55 KiB
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Adam Williamson <awill...@redhat.com> - 0.2.0-5
  - Rebuild against the new-old ghc-conduit-extra soname

Package:      ghc-cpio-conduit-0.7.0-5.fc28
Old package:  ghc-cpio-conduit-0.7.0-4.fc28
Summary:      Conduit-based CPIO
RPMs:         ghc-cpio-conduit ghc-cpio-conduit-devel
Size:         1.21 MiB
Size change:  1.20 KiB
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Adam Williamson <awill...@redhat.com> - 0.7.0-5
  - Rebuild against new ghc-conduit-extra, again

Package:      ghc-tar-conduit-0.1.1-5.fc28
Old package:  ghc-tar-conduit-0.1.1-4.fc28
Summary:      Parse tar files using conduit for streaming
RPMs:         ghc-tar-conduit ghc-tar-conduit-devel
Size:         1.11 MiB
Size change:  1.23 KiB
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Adam Williamson <awill...@redhat.com> - 0.1.1-5
  - Rebuild against the new-old ghc-conduit-extra soname

Package:      ghc-typed-process-
Old package:  ghc-typed-process-
Summary:      Run external processes, with strong typing of streams
RPMs:         ghc-typed-process ghc-typed-process-devel
Size:         1.64 MiB
Size change:  1.55 KiB
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Jens Petersen <peter...@redhat.com> -
  - disable testsuite since it affected the package hash

Package:      ghc-xml-conduit-
Old package:  ghc-xml-conduit-
Summary:      XML parsing and rendering with conduit
RPMs:         ghc-xml-conduit ghc-xml-conduit-devel
Size:         9.21 MiB
Size change:  2.27 KiB
  * Tue Mar 06 2018 Adam Williamson <awill...@redhat.com> -
  - Rebuild for ghc-conduit-extra bump

Package:      grubby-8.40-10.fc28
Old package:  grubby-8.40-9.fc28
Summary:      Command line tool for updating bootloader configs
RPMs:         grubby
Size:         492.41 KiB
Size change:  6.00 KiB
  * Sat Mar 03 2018 Nathaniel McCallum <npmccal...@redhat.com> - 8.40-10
  - Add support for /boot on btrfs subvolumes

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