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> Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't this be a nuisance in Ansible for
> some time? If the controller side (regardless of distro) defaults to
> invoking python2 on the remote then it will fail on f29+. I guess
> Ansible has knobs to tell it to use python3 on a set of remotes.

Yes, you can set a variable to tell ansible what the path is to the
python you want to use on the target. So, for newer fedora's they should
set this likely to python3.

> Alternatively you can install python3-ansible.

Well, that will cause the host side to use python3, but not the target.

> My point is, restoring the python2-firewall subpackage for f28 will help
> targets that are f28. But in f29, the package will definitely be gone
> and we're still "broken" for many controlling distros including older
> Fedora releases.

Yeah, there isn't an easy answer here. I suppose we could change the
default target ansible to python3 in f29+, that would help Fedora
installs, but then mixed installs would have to change say RHEL7 targets
to use python2, so it becomes a mix... we don't know what the mix of
hosts people target are.

> I'm not an Ansible user so I don't know how painful it is for the
> python2-firewall subpackage to be gone. If the majority thinks it should
> be restored, then we'll bring it back.

IMHO, people can just set the target host(s) to use python3 now, as they
are going to have to do this sooner or later.

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