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> On Tue, 2018-04-10 at 08:27 -0400, Gerald Henriksen wrote:

>> Shouldn't the priority be to make Fedora welcoming to all, and not to
>> limiting the audience based on an artificial size limitation?
> This is actually a tricky equation, because the reason to care about
> size is actually *the same*: making Fedora 'welcoming'. Not everyone
> has a big fat broadband pipe and a huge transfer cap (or unlimited
> transfers). So if we include lots of i18n support we're making Fedora
> 'more welcoming' in one way, but *less* welcoming in another way, to a
> different (but probably overlapping) set of folks. It's a tricky
> conundrum.

My experience with crap bandwidth: I'm way more sensitive to the
persistent metadata downloads, than that of rare and planned ISO
download size.

1Mbps download means a 1.6G ISO is 3h50m and a 1.9G ISO is 4h30m. That
difference doesn't even compute, I'm gonna use curl and walk away no
matter what. And when I had the pure amazing joy of 350kbps recently,
this is now 11 vs 13 hours, again it's the same: craptastic.

People who are bandwidth sensitive, especially if they have multiple
computers, need to setup a local mirror. *shrug*

https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/46 says it might be too
late to use OTC fonts but doesn't definitively state that it is. With
five days before freeze: OTC vs subpackage vs grow the ISO by 260MB vs
use Fedora 27 fonts. I would push for going in that order through
whatever path is the least resistant assuming no already known
liabilities and all of those have been tested. Going with Fedora 27
fonts I'd consider the last restort, it's a conservative fallback, it
will work but with no improvements for Fedora 28.

Chris Murphy
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