Artur Iwicki wrote:

> I've got a package (colobot) which has a build-time dependency on Python3.
> The program had a new upstream release today, so I updated the spec file
> and fired up the builds.
> Everything went smooth on rawhide and F30, whereas the F29 and F28 builds
> failed with a rather amusing error message:
>>BUILDSTDERR: CMake Error at
>>BUILDSTDERR:   Could NOT find PythonInterp: Found unsuitable version
>>"1.4", but required
>>BUILDSTDERR:   is at least "2.7" (found
>>BUILDSTDERR: Call Stack (most recent call first):
>>BUILDSTDERR:   /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindPythonInterp.cmake:159
>>BUILDSTDERR:   data/CMakeLists.txt:6 (find_package)
>>-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
> So, uh, is this in issue with cmake, python3, the project's CMakeLists, or
> something totally different?

I'll take a look, but as an aside, I think something may be amiss with the 
colobot git repo... I'm trying to do a checkout, and it's taking ages for 
being so large.  It's at 35mb and only about 50% done so far.  Did you 
accidentally add sources to the git repo instead of lookaside source cache?

-- Rex
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