NOTE: I have emailed the maintainer (mhlavink) on Friday but have not heard
back. Normally I would wait longer but it's FTBFS.

Currently 7.1.0 is in Fedora and I was looking at updating to something
more recent (8.x?) but noticed that there had been a few attempts to build
7.3.0, but only the ppc64le build was failing.

I believe I found a fix for ppc64le failing here:

Anyone see an issue with this?

I've got a scratch build here:

I also performed a local mock build for Fedora 29 so I can test it out with
my project. For it I added %{?_smp_mflags} to the make lines and it
completed MUCH faster without issue.

I wonder if there was any particular reason it wasn't enabled in the
first place?

If this does indeed fix the build problem, is it OK if I push the patch and
build for Fedora 29->Rawhide?

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