On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 3:26 PM Jun Aruga <jar...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I like to see "package branch name" of each modules to be aligned more.
> Here is a list of the current module, the module stream name, the
> package branch name, another package name. There are some patterns on
> the list.
> # module, the module stream name (module/foo's branch), the package
> branch name (rpms/foo's branch), another package name (rpms/bar's
> branch)
> mongodb    3.6  3.6                 None
> nodejs        8     8                     None
> perl            5.24 fXX                 fXX
> python3     3.6   None              None
> python36   3.6   None              master
> ruby           2.5   ruby-2.5         master
> scala          2.10 javapackages javapackages
> varnish       6     stream-6         stream-6
> See more detail at https://pagure.io/jaruga-modules-branches
> I think "None" is same with "master" technically.
> In case of modules/ruby, we ruby team decided "the package branch
> name" as "ruby-X.Y" with a module name prefix against "X.Y" documented
> in the naming guideline.
> Because a package of a module A (ex. modules/ruby) can be used also in
> a module B (ex. modules/rubygem-rails, modules/vagrant and etc.
> In this case, a package branch name needs to have  "ruby-X.Y",
> "rubygem-rails-X.Y", "vargrant-X.Y".
> Do you like to see some alignments for the naming?

For my modules I also want component branch names to correspond to
module name/stream.
If the same component is used across different modules/streams then
there would simply be several branches pointing to the same commit.

I thought of using names in format "stream-${name}-${stream}" (eg.
stream-scala-2.10), but I can use "${name}-${stream}" (scala-2.10)
format too - consistency between modules is more important than
maintainer personal preferences.

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