> On 12. Aug 2019, at 17:40, Chris Murphy <li...@colorremedies.com> wrote:
> If I just run the example program, let's say systemd MemoryLimit is
> set to /proc/meminfo MemAvailable, the program is still going to try
> and bust out of that and fail. The failure reason is also non-obvious.
> Yes this is definitely an improvement in that the system isn't taken
> down.
> How to do this automatically? Could there be a mechanism for the
> system and the requesting application to negotiate resources?

Honestly, right now, doing this automatically is not possible.

Instead, we anticipate the workload or the nature of the work. Like as when we 
connect remotely to a box and start some long running process, we anticipate 
trouble with the network and use a terminal multiplexer, right? Same thing with 
resource intensive processes.

But in future, I could imagine that this whole control group mechanism really 
pays off in a way where we distribute system resources automatically.

Isn’t that what Silverblue is all about? Having a base system and on top of 
that, everything is run in a container that could be potentially resource 

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