On 14. 08. 19 12:54, Peter Robinson wrote:
Well you can't currently see the forest for the trees and this
bullshit, for the first time in 15 years in making me think about
quitting the Fedora project, and I spoke with many at Flock are
seriously stressed about it and sick of it. I will be bringing this up
at council because this is not sustainable and whether it be by
retiring all of the packages because everything that depends on the
kernel is retired or scaring away all the part time contributors this
militant level of process is causing active harm to the project.

Despite our differences, I'd like to say that I would really regret it, if the actions that me and FESCo/Releng took caused you to quit Fedora.

Maintaining a modern distribution is a complex task, so there will inherently be disagreements about processes and methodologies, but I believe we all share the goal of making Fedora better.

I'm glad that you're offering to bring this issue at Council, as you're right, this is a sensitive topic, and could definitely benefit from more voices so we can fine tune process to both be positive for Fedora, but also not to alienate maintainers such as yourself.

Miro Hrončok
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