On 15. 08. 19 12:06, Vít Ondruch wrote:
At the end, if somebody cares about such cases, it should not be hard to
discover and act upon them, i.e. bugging the maintainer, fixing them,
taking over the maintenance etc.

This part is problematic. Because it requires human action that can be seen as toxic by some.

> According to compose report from 20190811 [1], I guess it was ~570
> packages. How many of them had associated FTBFS BZs in "ASSIGNED" state
> and for which version of Fedora? This would be interesting statistics to
> know. My guess is that it was 100 BZs at most, but probably much lower
> number.

"for which version of Fedora" doesn't apply really. Most of the bugs were just "rawhide" since the latest rawhide -> 30 only happened partially.

The status data should be visible in Bugzilla, however no idea how to query them grammatically:

 - get CLOSED EOL bugzillas blocking the F30FTBFS tracker
 - fetch their previous state
         (this is visible in the bug, but no idea how to query it)

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