On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, at 1:40 PM, Fabio Valentini wrote:

> As others in the thread have pointed out, mandatory pull requests just
> make no sense for most single-maintainer projects, which most packages
> probably are.

Well, a lot of this relates to what the *merge policy* is.  If a PR submitter 
can merge their own PRs, and there's a mechanism to do "merge when tests pass" 
(this is an important aspect), then submitting a PR can be just about as 
equally ergonomic as `git push`.
In OpenShift we use Prow, which has the latter; I really like it.  However we 
also *require* peer review (submitters can't merge their own PRs).  I'd like to 
require review, but it does seem like a prerequisite is moving away from the 
one-repo-per-package model.
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