On 12. 2. 2020 17:06, Neal Gompa wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 10:52 AM Michal Domonkos <mdomo...@redhat.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to ask around if anyone would be willing to take ownership of
>> the python3-urlgrabber package and its upstream repository[1]?
>> For historical reasons, the project is de facto maintained by us, the
>> DNF team (with the upstream repo hosted in our GitHub namespace).
>> However, with the community's departure from YUM (which depended on
>> urlgrabber) a few years back, we no longer have the incentive or
>> capacity to keep the project alive, and are considering deprecating it
>> in the near future, unless someone takes over.
>> Now, urlgrabber has recently[2] been ported to Python 3, in an effort
>> to maintain its legacy as a standalone general-purpose URL library,
>> authored[3] by Jochen Breuer of SUSE in November, 2018.  It's the only
>> component of the legacy YUM stack that wasn't dropped[4] from the
>> distro in Fedora 31.  In addition to that, there currently is one last
>> component in Fedora that requires the package; koji-containerbuild.
>> That said, I'd like to address this request especially to Jochen and
>> the maintainers of koji-containerbuild.  Please, let us know if you
>> (or anyone, really) would be interested in the transfer.
> Umm, don't I already own python-urlgrabber in Fedora and upstream? Not
> that I would mind co-maintainers, but I thought we already did this
> switchover during Fedora 31 development...
Ehm sorry,

it seems that somebody forgot to remove that dependency from
koji-contianerbuild. At least it is not used in upstream I opened PR to
drop it.


Martin Bašti
Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat

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