On 25. 03. 20 15:50, Fabio Valentini wrote:
Branching means forking Fedora Rawhide into something else. Which
eventually will lead to new downstream tree which will ignore the rest
of Fedora and just use the fork instead. It can be done, but I think
it will damage Fedora as a project.

Not if we do automation that constantly keeps them in sync. Is that hard? Most
likely. But it doesn't put additional burden to the community maintainers.
I don't even think this needs to be hard.

1. For packages where no modifications are necessary, just merge
master into eln whenever master changes
2. For packages where modifications are necessary, either
     - push changes into master, when those changes are acceptable
(particularly small changes), and proceed with case 1.
     - keep "bigger" changes unacceptable for master/rawhide in eln and
rebase those on rawhide whenever master changes

Given that the number of packages that need such "big" modifications
are expected to be small, this approach should scale very well.

The branch can even be optional. For packages that don't need modifications (or prefer %if conditionals), ELN could build directly from master.

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