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> On 30.06.2020 15:25, Ben Cotton wrote:
> > Better thermal management and peak performance on Intel CPUs by
> > including thermald in the default install.
> Good, but thermald is absolutely useless without configs. Configs can be
> extracted from DPTF ACPI tables only with *proprietary* dptfextract
> utility.
> Also Fedora cannot ship extracted by dptfextract configs due to their
> legal status.

Something that needs to be cleared up here: thermald has existed for the
better part of a decade and long before dptfxtract existed. dptfxtract
exists to handle certain platforms that use DPTF Active. thermald supports
many, many more platforms than that without the need for any closed-source
tools. Additionally, with code that is queued in a thermald branch, we may
not need dptfxtract for any use cases soon.

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