== Summary ==
IBus 1.5.23 will replace the allowlist of XKB engines with the
blocklist of XKB ones.

== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Fujiwara| Takao Fujiwara]]
* Email: fujiwara [at] redhat [dot] com

== Detailed Description ==
IBus currently provides the allowlist of XKB engines in
`/usr/share/ibus/component/simple.xml` and `ibus-setup` utility can
show the XKB engines indicated in only that file in most desktops.
(gnome-control-center shows XKB list from gnome-desktop3 in GNOME
desktop instead.) The allowlist includes the limited XKB layouts and
variants. E.g. 'gb(dvorak)' is included but 'gb' is not. And the
allowlist has been supported to customize by sysadmin localy since the
simple.xml is a simple text file and the default list has been updated
upon the request.

IBus 1.5.23 will replace the allowlist with the blocklist which
includes the disabled XKB engines and `ibus-setup` will shows all the
XKB engines which are '''not''' indicated in that file.  The blocklist
will includes 'cn' layout, 'cn' layout + any variants, 'nec_vndr/jp'
layouts at the moment.

I.e. the change won't effect GNOME desktop.

== Benefit to Fedora ==
The users don't have to request the desired XKB layouts and variants
in IBus upstream and most XKB keymaps will be shown in ibus-setup.

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners:
* Other developers: N/A
* Release engineering: [ #9563]
* Policies and guidelines: N/A
* Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)

== Upgrade/compatibility impact ==
If a keymap is shown in ibus-setup in the previous version, it will be
shown in the new one.

== How To Test ==
# Log into XFCE desktop
# Run ibus-setup

It will show 'English (UK)' keymap by default.

== User Experience ==
If a user customize `/usr/share/ibus/component/simple.xml` in the
previous version, the file will be replaced with new one.

== Dependencies ==
The change effects XKB engines only but does not input method engines
(E.g. libpinyin, hangul, and so on.)

== Contingency Plan ==
* Contingency mechanism: Drop the feature in Fedora 33 and postpone it
to Fedora 34
* Contingency deadline: Beta freeze
* Blocks release? No

== Documentation ==

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