On 30.6.2020 21:14, nick...@gmail.com wrote:
On Tue, 2020-06-30 at 20:32 +0000, Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:

Grub discourages users who have tried sd-boot from coming/returning
Fedora [1].

Bottom line I think this will be a good move for the distribution and
good time to start looking into and make that move.


1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/c0f3z5/systemdboot/
I read the whole reddit link, but I couldn't understand what's wrong
with grub. The poster admits to having an obsession with keeping the
number of packages to a minimum (I don't know what that has to do with
grub), and doesn't like grub for some unexplained reason. Note that I
have never used sd-boot. So far, I've used LILO (starting with Red Hat
Linux 5.0), grub1 and grub2. These days, I don't even notice the boot
loader. This means it's doing its job properly. :)

Maybe I should try sd-boot in a UEFI VM and see for myself, but can
someone explain what's the difference?

I have one system where I run Fedora Server in UEFI mode and I haven't
ever had the need to mess with the bootloader. It just shows its menu
for 5 seconds and that's all that it does. I don't understand how can
something like that discourage a user from using Fedora? :)

Given that you have not changed an entry in your boot loader for quite sometime or perhaps ever it would actually be better that you yourself setup Fedora using sd-boot as the boot manager and compare changing an configuration entry in sd-boot with doing the exact same thing in Grub2 and share your feedback and experience of doing so with the rest of the community rather then someone provide you with an answer.



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