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Actually this split is a godsend because you can convince anaconda to
leave your home alone when reinstalling, while someone always seems too
invent a new Fedora change that justifies the reformatting of /.

Good luck dealing with user data the next time workstation (or any
other group) feels the / filesystem should change, once you've put user
data on the same mount point

So for the avoidance of doubt: if the btrfs change is rejected, we are almost certain to put everything on the same mount point. We haven't approved this yet, but odds are very high IMO. The options we are seriously considering for our default going forward are (a) btrfs, (b) failing that, probably ext4 all one big partition without LVM, (c) less-likely, maybe xfs all one big partition without LVM. This is being discussed in https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/152

We have a high number of complaints from developers running out of space on / with plenty of space left on /home (happens to me all the time). The opposite scenario is a problem too. Separate mountpoints by default is just not a good default, sorry. Ensuring users don't run out of space due to bad partitioning is more important than keeping /home during reinstall IMO. But with btrfs, then /home will just be a subvolume so we can have our cake and eat it too.

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