On Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 10:36:59AM +0200, Benjamin Berg wrote:
> On Tue, 2020-06-30 at 17:48 +0200, Vitaly Zaitsev via devel wrote:
> > On 30.06.2020 15:25, Ben Cotton wrote:
> > > Better thermal management and peak performance on Intel CPUs by
> > > including thermald in the default install.
> > 
> > Good, but thermald is absolutely useless without configs. Configs can be
> > extracted from DPTF ACPI tables only with *proprietary* dptfextract utility.
> But, this is not true in general and we can expect further improvements
> in the near future. It will not help in all situations, but there are
> situations where users will see improved performance. One example of
> this is for example an improved peak-performance on pre-Kabylake
> systems (I am looking into finding further examples).
> So, it is true that thermald will throw around quite a few warnings at
> startup (it seems to warn about anything it probes and cannot find).
> But that does not imply that it is always useless. It does for example
> use information from the PPCC tables even if it does not have any
> configuration. These power limits are exported by the kernel in
> /sys/bus/pci/devices/*/power_limits/.

That is worrying. We already have plenty of services which spam the logs
with pointless warnings, leading to bad UX. I think fixing this should
be a prerequisite to enabling by default.

> Also, some reverse engineering work has been happening. This means that
> it is possible to improve thermald to get at least some of the benefits
> of a DPTF based configuration without needing dptfxtract. This is
> currently still work in progress, however, upstream is planning to
> merge this work once it has been cleaned up sufficiently.
> i.e. at this point we can fully expect to get improved thermal
> management based on the DPTF tables without dptfxtract.

So... could we arrange it so that thermald only runs if there's actually
a benefit from it running? E.g. exit quietly if it realizes it cannot
do anything useful for the hardware present?

> > Also Fedora cannot ship extracted by dptfextract configs due to their
> > legal status.
> The idea to ship those configurations separately has been dropped from
> the proposal.

The proposal says "Proposal owners:
- Include the thermald package in the default Workstation install".
Do you want it be enabled by default? If yes, the proposal should say that.

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