On 7/6/20 8:27 AM, Björn Persson wrote:
> Florian Weimer wrote:
>> * Björn Persson:
>>> The macro could be defined like this for example:
>>>    %buildtag .%(date +%%s)
>> Using time for synchronization is always a bit iffy.
> Well, if somebody manages to build a package twice within a second,
> using two different versions of a compiler ... then they still won't be
> any worse off than they are today. Koji should still not allow it.
>>> It would be used in each spec like this:
>>>    Release: 1%{?dist}%{?buildtag}

fwiw, I've just been cobbling together a couple of specs with date tagging for 
version mgmt between repos.

once I was pleasantly reminded to double-%% the date formats inside specs, it's 
complicated only a bit by the occasional need to redefine %dist after multiple 
forgemeta pulls.

otherwise, it's really handy.

currently this, e.g., works nicely 4 me:


for my workflow,

-- get it working locally with rpmbuild
-- prove it works and is a properly closed build env in mock, locally
-- move local mock result into a local repo
-- push spec/srpm to COPR for build

I can effectively manage 'same' pkg+version, with builds differentiated by time 
stamps.  (for me, 1 sec min time slice is certainly good enuf!)

entirely possible that my 'kludge' hits an example of "a bit iffy"; hasn't 
quite yet, tho ...
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