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== Scope ==
* Proposal owners:
<!-- What work do the feature owners have to accomplish to complete
the feature in time for release?  Is it a large change affecting many
parts of the distribution or is it a very isolated change? What are
those changes?-->
**Prepare PostgreSQL 13 as a module for Rawhide and at least one
stable Fedora release (done)
**Prepare PostgreSQL 12 as a module for Rawhide, so there would be a
failover in case of problems
**Build PostgreSQL 13 to Rawhide
**Check software that requires or depends on `postgresql-server` or
`libpq` packages for incompatibilities
**Gather user input on the changes between PostgreSQL 12 and PostgreSQL 13

When we updated from PostgreSQL 11 to PostgreSQL 12 in Fedora 32, there was no targeted rebuild of the dependent packages and a dozen of packages failed to install. We were firefighting this between beta and final in:


I would very much like to see a targeted rebuild of dependent packages in a side tag in the scope (who does it? when?) and a contingency mechanism that reverts to PostgreSQL 12 if many packages cannot build.

== Contingency Plan ==

Modules will provide the functional version of PostgreSQL 12,
available to all users.

If the 13 dependent packages don't install, a module with PostgreSQL 12 is **not** a contingency plan.

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