Le 2020-07-08 17:19, Pavel Raiskup a écrit :

Small experiment (few-liner) for copr with "%bid, build system tag":

Well, that ties the system to corp, not koji, and like the other proposal, that makes releases that do not import from one system to another (which definitely matters to me, because my packager workflow has rpmbuild, mock, copr and koji stages).

I honestly do not see how you can bump safely, without providing the bumping code the "bump from that point" information.

When you bump, you graft new release growth over an existing release tree. Stacking something blindly without looking upon where you stack it will work in a lot of cases, but will fail horribly in others. I like KISS but this KISS is too SS for my tastes. If linear history worked for a project the size of Fedora we’d be all still using CVS.

The bumping code itself is not hard to write

Serializing 'bump from here' in a format that can be reliably read later is also not hard (as long as you do not insist on expanding Release and trying to decompose it back at the next build).

The hard part is moving 'bump from here' info between builds.


Nicolas Mailhot
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