On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 3:06 PM Stephen John Smoogen <smo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> That is because anyone who questions the perfection of ZFS is quickly
> burned at a stake.

I think Neal also has a good take on why, which is that it was mostly
a closed door development early on, wasn't used on heterogeneous
hardware out in the wild, upon release wasn't commonly available for
years - and just never really got the same kind of scrutiny and rumor
that Btrfs did.

> I don't know what it is about filesystems turning into religions that
> do not brook questioning but what I am seeing in these emails is what
> turns me off of btrfs every time it is brought up in the same way I
> couldn't stand reiser, ZFS, or various other filesystems..  I realize
> filesystems take a lot of faith as people have to put something they
> value into a leap of faith it will be there the next day.. but it
> seems to morph quickly into some sort of fanatical evangelical
> movement.

I've said this same thing in recent weeks. I don't understand it. I
don't know if you think I've done this. Certainly my experience over
10 years has been Btrfs developers have been among the least
defensive, and the first to say it doesn't meet every use case and of
course folks should use the file system that fits their requirements
the best.

> So a good reason why no one brings it up.. you learn quickly that
> questioning the perfection of any filesystem will fill your inbox with
> tirades from people.

Yeah that's kind of an obnoxious pig pen.

Chris Murphy
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