On 06/10/2011 03:07 PM, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> I understand your desire to replace everything by systemd.
> I really do. syslogd, klogd, mount, fsck, and a dozen other things
> I forget or don't know.

You're exaggerating.

> Why does systemd link against libpam?
> systemd does logins now, not /bin/login or gdm or ...?

to implement PAMName= (man systemd.exec)

> libattr? Does it mean it requires filesystem which implements
> extended attributes? If not, why does it use libattr then?

systemd uses libcap. libcap depends on libattr.

> libwrap? systemd is a network application now too?

to implement TCPWrapName= (man systemd.exec)

> libaudit? What systemd has in common with audit?

Start and stop of a service is an auditable event.

> To be honest, I doubt the wisdom of implementing service manager
> as an init process. There is no inherent reason why it has to be init -
> you can run it as *a child of init*, and keep init very simple.
> Then, if service manager would crash, at least it doesn't
> take system down with it...

systemd does not take the system down when it crashes. It catches the 
signal, dumps core and freezes, but does not exit.

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