On 23.02.2018 04:19, Colomban Wendling wrote:
Le 22/02/2018 à 15:09, Lars Paulsen a écrit :
Then I installed it using apt-get install but Ubuntu only installed a
version 0.42 which was older than required.
It sounds odd you'd need a version not found in Ubuntu, unless you'd be
using a very old Ubuntu.  And in any case, depending on something too
recent for major distributions to have it has to be a conscious choice:
some users might not have access to your software, or have a harder time
to get it.  Just a thought.

So I downloaded the sources and built it myself.
After that the error message about the missing "#include <vte/vte.h>"
was gone.

But I got linker errors for calls to unresolved external function
"vte_terminal_set_color_foreground_rgba". I assume this is some geany
macro stuff. It turned out I can simply call
"vte_terminal_set_color_foreground" because they changed the parameter
from "GdkColor" to "GdkRGBA" - just what I needed.
Oooh, right, in Geany we have wrappers to bridge this ABI break so we
don't have to deal with it, so yeah the `_rgba` suffix is just an
internal Geany glitch in vte.c, not any actual API anywhere. Sorry for
the confusion it gave you indeed.

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About the version I simply copied what I found in the debugger plugin PR for GTK3 porting. If I got a version running I will re-check to find the smallest version of VTE2.91 which still works.
For your information: I am running Ubuntu 16.04.

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