Hello lists,

Personally, I have not yet had an opportunity to test the different
components in the Helix project.  As such, most of what I know comes
from Wikipedia.

In Wikipedia, it is stated that the Helix DNA Client supports Vorbis
and Theora, but apparently, not Speex.  Is it this true?  How hard
would it be to port an implementation of Speex to the Helix Client?
Is anyone working in it?  What about Ogg Skeleton, which is now a
requirement for Theora videos served under the video/ogg media type?

In Wikipedia, it is stated that the Helix DNA Server only supports
streaming of MP3 and Real Media formats.  Why??  The Ogg format was
created mostly for streaming.  That means that streaming Vorbis and
Theora is (in theory) an easy process to implement for developers.
Then there's also streaming through RTP.  Vorbis, Speex, and Theora
may be streamed through RTP.

With the Helix software becoming part of the XO laptop (the OLPC
project) it is highly important that free formats work properly in
Helix, but that doesn't seem to be the case right now.

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