I've been chatting with Sergey Udaltsov about defining keyboard better,
so we might introduce new keyboards without having to revise firmware or
often even the software for new keyboard types we want to introduce. Right now, 
we have
an unholy mess left from before B1, where we divine the keyboard type from the 
numbers: this requires updating our distribution every time we need to 
introduce a
new keyboard layout.  There lies madness.

Several typos fixed to make clear that a single keyboard can have multiple 
and the table heading was wrong.

Here's a proposed set of additional manufacturing data tags, to get rid
of the current kludge used for keyboard setup.  See 
for information on manufacturing data.



Keyboard flags:
    OFW flag  xkb meaning      examples 
      KM -    model -      "olpc", "pc105",
      KL -    layouts -    "en_GB", "es", "fi", "us,ar", "us,ru"
      KV -    variant -    "olpc", "olpc2", "dvorak", "winkeys", ",bksl,"

The KM flag should be set to "olpc" for all Gen-1 OLPC's with existing 

The `"`" characters are *not* included int the manufacturing data.

The KV flag is included for completeness; we use this as we define several 
on the same keyboard.

The KL flag describing the default layouts should be set to the following 
values, depending on keyboard:

    Keyboard Layout             KL value      KV value
OLPC_Keyboard_layouts              us           olpc
OLPC_Argentina_Keyboard            es           olpc
OLPC_Brasil_Keyboard               br           olpc
OLPC_Ethiopia_Keyboard             us,et        olpc2,olpc
OLPC_Libya_Keyboard                us,ar        olpc2,olpc
OLPC_Nigeria_Keyboard              ng           olpc
OLPC_Rwanda_Keyboard               us           olpc2,olpc
OLPC_Thailand_Keyboard             us,th        olpc2,olpc
Urdu_Keyboard                      us,ur        olpc2,olpc
Cyrillic_Keyboard                  us,ru        olpc2,olpc
OLPC_Turkey_Keyboard               us,tr        olpc2,olpc
OLPC_Nepal_Keyboard                us,np        olpc2,olpc

Once this is done, we can pass the keyboard information directly from
the operating system to the X window system and have things "just work" to a
great degree when we add additional keyboard layouts, presuming the values are
set correctly in the factory to correspond to the ink that has been 
on the keyboard.

Comments? Questions? Mistakes?
                                 - Jim

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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