Nirav Patel wrote:
> I've been playing with vision processing stuff for the XO, mostly
> using OpenCV.  I have some sample code up at
> that does face
> detection surprisingly quickly.  It seems that the bottleneck isn't
> even the OpenCV Haar Cascade algorithm, but the time it takes to
> initialize the v4l2 drivers.
> The code I wrote is just basic proof of concept stuff, but there are
> some amazing possibilities involved in vision processing, like
> recognizing sign language and gestures, drawing in air, playing motion
> based games, and even identifying plants and wildlife.
> If anyone is interested, I'd like to start developing an Activity that
> uses face/object detection for something more fun or useful.  I'm new
> to Python and OLPC development, so I could use some help.
> Alternately, I am a student, so if anyone is interested in mentoring
> this as a possible Summer of Code project, that would be great.
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I made a demo in Etoys for color tracking objects with the camera:

Have good lighting and a distinctly  colored object.
Pick the color from the object with the color picker and a yellow 
ellipse on screen will track relative how you move the object.

This is just a demo , more to come later...
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