Hello all!

  I've recently started learning python and sugar programming and, while 
trying to be useful in the meantime, have been tinkering around with the 
PlayGo activity. 
  I have a few patches that add basic scorekeeping, error messages 
(like: "There already is a stone there!"), and small code cleanup. I'd like 
to start tackling bigger problems (like collaboration) in the future. 
However, cjb told me on #sugar the best way to get this commited is having 
commit access to the git repo. I couldn't find a "Commit access application" 
in the wiki, so I'm using part of the project hosting application here :) :

1. Project name               : PlayGo
2. Existing website, if any : http://wiki.laptop.org/go/PlayGo
3. One-line description     : A Go game activity

6. Committer list:
    Username   Full name             SSH2 key URL                    E-mail
      --------          ---------                    ------------               
#1  aa  Andrés Ambrois  http://aambrois.homeip.net/site/files/id_rsa.pub  

11. Translation
   [X] Set up the laptop.org Pootle server to allow translation commits to be 

12. Notes/comments: The project already is on the git repository: 
http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/PlayGo;a=summary . But I couldn't find 
it in the pootle server. It'd be great to have it added. 

Also, I'm Uruguayan so I'll take care of the spanish translation :). If anyone 
needs any help with Spanish, I'm usually around at #olpc :D

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