Go is one of my favorite games, so I'm excited to see that someone has
picked up development again! It requires such balance between aggressiveness
and defense, as well as local play vs spreading out on the board - I think
it's a great game for kids to learn. I look forward to trying out a new
version, and I agree that collaboration is an important problem to tackle
soon. Adding GnuGo ( support would be a
great addition too. It would be nice to support GnuGo and collaboration over
the same networking framework, but I don't know enough about the
collaboration framework and Bitfrost to know if this is a possibility. GnuGo
generally runs as it's own process and communicates over GTP (

It seems there's a lack of documentation for people like yourself who want
to pick up development on an existing activity. Most people who want shell
access to also want to host a new activity. I wasn't able to
find anything on the wiki about requesting shell access. Maybe putting a
blurb on the wiki about who to contact would be helpful.


2008/7/19 Andrés Ambrois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>  Hello all!
>  I've recently started learning python and sugar programming and, while
> trying to be useful in the meantime, have been tinkering around with the
> PlayGo activity.
>  I have a few patches that add basic scorekeeping, error messages
> (like: "There already is a stone there!"), and small code cleanup. I'd like
> to start tackling bigger problems (like collaboration) in the future.
> However, cjb told me on #sugar the best way to get this commited is having
> commit access to the git repo. I couldn't find a "Commit access
> application"
> in the wiki, so I'm using part of the project hosting application here :) :
> 1. Project name               : PlayGo
> 2. Existing website, if any :
> 3. One-line description     : A Go game activity
> 6. Committer list:
>    Username   Full name             SSH2 key URL                    E-mail
>      --------          ---------                    ------------
>                 ------
> #1  aa  Andrés Ambrois
> 11. Translation
>   [X] Set up the Pootle server to allow translation commits to
> be
> made
> 12. Notes/comments: The project already is on the git repository:
>;a=summary . But I couldn't
> find
> it in the pootle server. It'd be great to have it added.
> Also, I'm Uruguayan so I'll take care of the spanish translation :). If
> anyone
> needs any help with Spanish, I'm usually around at #olpc :D
> --
>  -Andrés
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