On Sunday 20 July 2008 01:14:48 Edward Cherlin wrote:
> 2008/7/19 Andrés Ambrois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >  Hello all!
> >
> >  I've recently started learning python and sugar programming and, while
> > trying to be useful in the meantime, have been tinkering around with the
> > PlayGo activity.
> Thanks. I wrote to the American Go Association when we started this
> project, and they wrote back, "We can't tell you how excited we are."
> They put a note in their e-mail newsletter about us. When we can take
> our software to one of their events, we can talk about getting
> assorted game records and go literature into a library content bundle.
> I was a 6-kyu player in my youth, according to the teachers in my
> school in Korea, where I was a Peace Corps Volunteer. I learned at a
> chess club when I was eleven. If I had had access to the literature
> available now, I am sure I would have made amateur dan. I am delighted
> to see children getting opportunities I didn't have back then, and
> being able to help get even more opportunities to way more children.
> I can read the Korean and Japanese go literature a little, and I can
> provide pointers to a lot of on-line resources.
> The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is also interested in our work, as is
> International Chess Master Josh Waitzkin, author of The Art of
> Learning". Walter Bender started discussions with his book and chess
> tutorial software publishers about Free licenses on versions of the
> book and software.
> I have literature and contacts for a great many more games. We aren't
> going to run out of programming exercises for a very long time.

 Very cool! Thanks for your support, and count on me bugging you when/if I get 
a chance to start working on the finer details :).

> >  I have a few patches that add basic scorekeeping,
> Do you mean scoring at the very end of a game, or scoring games in
> matches, or what? Can your code estimate who is ahead in a game?

I added another text box on the bottom of the board that reads: "Whites: X - 
Blacks: Y" during the game. No end results yet. I haven't even added a "Pass" 
button XD. 

> > error messages
> > (like: "There already is a stone there!"), and small code cleanup.
> Is there a ko rule implemented? Can we get all of the different rule
> sets as options (Japan, China, Korea, Ing)?
  Yup, I implemented basic Ko, and it works on single player. Sharing works, 
but it bypasses most of the rule-enforcing code, so it's not very nice, so 
I'll have to spend some time fixing that. 


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