Andr�s Ambrois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   Yes, I don't own an XO, but I've tried running two sugar-jhbuild instances, 
> and it works fine. Well, there's no turn enforcement (you can play anywhere 
> anytime, even if it's the other guys turn), and you can't really tell if 
> anyone connected until they place a stone. So its very rough around the 
> edges. 

Ok, good to know things are there and only need improvement.  
I'm in the process of learning Python, so maybe I can help at 
some point.  

>> Looking forward to kibbitzing with people around here...
>   The only mention I could find is on But
> if there ever was a maintainer, it's clear that the project is
> completely orphaned.

That is a pity, but even more problematic is the fact that one 
has to spend time in order to discover it!

Really, I'd love to see the emails of the maintainers on the git
projects webpage.  

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