Hi All,

We write a weekly report for the OLPC management and employees.

In order to keep the community involved, motivated and knowledgeable,
Michael suggested we share it with this list.

Its FYI but I'm open to help, comments or suggestions, as always.


Greg S

Status against last weeks goals:
1 - Identify, triage and clarify 8.2 blocker bugs.
GS - Done. Triaged all incoming bugs for 8.2. Helped get the 8.2 release
down to a manageable set of blocking bugs which must be fixed. See:
As of this writing, there are only 9 left with the next action of 
Diagnose, Design or Code!

2 - Update 8.2 release notes
GS - Made some progress with review of update instructions. Added text
to all open bugs in preparation for final review:
Also read and commented on the new manual which will be linked from
release notes when ready.

3 - Update 9.1 page with more requirements. Re-check that all Peru input
is in 9.1 page. Add Uruguay, Haiti, Rwanda, Birmingham and Mongolia
GS - Done for Peru. Some Uruguay items in but not all. Not done for the
rest. Also started engagement with sugar list re: their 0.84 which maps
to 9.1.

4 - Prune outdated material off OLPC home page:
GS - Not done.

5 - Follow up on Cmap tools
GS - Done. Proposed X windows wrapper activity. CMap
developers will consider it and are looking in to the feasibility now.

Goals for next week in priority order:
- Identify, triage and clarify 8.2 blocker bugs. Help get to a well
defined final release schedule.

- Update 8.2 release notes

- Write 8.2 marketing launch plan. To include lists, web sites and other
ideas for getting the word out. Once done, this will sit on the shelf
until the release is final.

- Update 9.1 page with more requirements. Add Uruguay, Haiti, Rwanda,
Birmingham, Mongolia, Ethiopia, others. Start writing strategy section
and set schedule.

- Find engineering lead for 8.2.1. If none is identified, start laying
out the parameters anyway (e.g. date, target customers, goals, target
bug fixes and featurettes, etc.).

- Find a volunteer and partner to write Beta/Early Field Trial plan. The
plan should get pre-release code in to real classes at target deployment
countries for comment and review prior to 8.2.1 release.

- Update deployments page with latest data, improve timeline and add
timeline to releases page.

- Prune outdated material off OLPC wiki home page.

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