Tabitha's notes:
XO Build 8.2-759

Mini vMac-1 - ctrl F for full screen is great! played with excalibur, note
pad, calculator, puzzle, all good, but it is hard to shut down Mini vMac -
seems you have to "stop" in the frame?

Bridge-1 good

Stopwatch-1 good

Poll-17 - create own poll good, voted good, lesson plans display as XML not
so good,  bug logged #8456

Schoolsplay-1 - loads, font size is too big in the frames and in the
pyramid, cant really play as cant read :-( bug logged #8458

Audacity-1 - fails to launch, got logs, bug logged #8453

XaoS-1 - good

Moon-4 good

Colors-4 - still not able to stop activity, same as v4 - see original bug

ProducePuzzle-0 - good

Ok, now onto the big test - GCompris-7, get ready this is long....

GCompris - Various puzzles
*assemble - good
*tangram - good
*build - good
*superbrain - good
*hanoi - good
*sliding blocks - good
*sudoku - good
*fifteen game - good
Gcompris - Mathematic games - geometry
*freedraw - good
*redraw - could not find or load the file skins/gartoon/redraw.svg this
activity is incomplete exit it and report the problem to the authors (
*mirror - could not find or load the file skins/gartoon/redraw_symmetry.svg
this activity is incomplete exit it and report the problem to the authors (
Gcompris - Mathematic games - calculations
*math memory
**multiply - good
**add - good
**subtract - good
**add and subtract tested, took a while to work out that you have to push
"check answer" or it thinks you havent entered an answer
*number munchers
**multiple - good
**prime - good
*math memory
**bit confusing that questions with the same answer dont match in the
matching game - e.g. 4 + 4 is not equal to 3 + 5, they are both = 8 only
*balance the scales - good
*target - good
*series of correct operations - good
Gcompris - Mathematic games - numeration
*pairs of dice - good
*count the items - couldn't find or load the file enumerate/food/banana.png
this activity is incomplete - bruno
*magician hat - good
*feed tux the fish - good
*money - couldnt find money/euro/p5e.png  - bruno
*helicopter - good
*draw with numbers - good
GCompris - amusement
*tuxpaint - cannot find tux paint install it to use this activity
*football - good
*hexagon - good
*word processor - good, we all like the themes
*drawing / animation - works for draw not animation - save image exits
GCompris so cannot make animation
*chat - sorry couldnt test this today
GCompris - reading
*click on letter - good
*reading practice - good
*horizontal - words start above the box not in it
*vertical - words start above the box not in it
*missing letter - good
*image name drag and drop - good
GCompris - discover the computer
**numbers with dice - good
**throw ball to tux - good
**simple letters - good
**falling words - good
**control the hose pipe - good
**click the mouse - good
**move the mouse - good
**click on me - good
**click and draw - good
GCompris - strategy games
*practice chess - "error: the external program gnuchess is mandatory to play
chess in gcompris first install it and check it is in
*connect 4 - good
*bar game - good - the prerequisite of a brain is cute
*oware - good
GCompris - experiental games
*parachutist - good
*canal lock - good
*water cycle - good
*electricity - cannot find the gnucap electric simulator you can download
and install it from <> to be detected it
must be installed in /usr/bin/gnucap or /usr/local/bin/gnucap you can still
use this activity to draw schematics without computer simulation
*pilot a submarine - good
*sea race - good
GCompris - discovery games
**drag and drop shapes - good
**left and right words - good
**algorithm - good
**chronos - good
**learning clock - good
**region - activity works well but my brain did not (lol)
**locate countries - good (and easier for us to answer than regions! lol)
**rebuild the mosaic - good
**colors (ducks) - good
stopped here, sorry didnt quite get through all the activities

Overall comments on GCompris - there was lots of positive reinforcement for
learners which was good to hear (literally hear),  impressed by this work.
Few times the words in the help and instructions and names were on top of
each other, like it couldnt fit all the writing in the box so would overlap.
Bit slow to open and close each game but still very cool. Thanks for all the
effort put in here so far.


2008/9/13 Martin Langhoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Transcription of Paul's notes:
> Horse game
>  - bottom half of screen is not filled with the same graphic
> (resolution problem?) and the horse leaves a track over it. No crash
> but visual nastiness. (tried to get screenshot hack going but failed)
> Success running these:
>  - x2o
>  - Wikipedia Spanish
>  - MinivMac
>  - Bridge
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>  [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- School Server Architect
>  - ask interesting questions
>  - don't get distracted with shiny stuff - working code first
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