Summary: What do you want from activity wiki pages? (reply here or add 
to )

A while ago Gary C Martin wrote:
> Any information on what the semantic wiki plan is/was all about?

I never heard of any master plan, however people should note wiki pages
that could or do use semantic annotations at
<>. The SMW extension is
basically annotating information in wiki pages so you can browse, query, 
and reuse it; a bit like categorizing pages on steroids.  Also someone 
installed the Semantic Forms extension which builds on SMW so you can 
edit certain page data in a form.

> Seems to have been some black ops project 
> inside OLPC with no public documentation 

Dick Cheney denied this secret "black ops" project run outside of normal 
channels, so it must exist!

> I noticed a few weeks back that my activity page had turned into some 
> monster Q&A template page if I now try and edit it...

I haven't worked on the activity templates and forms.  I
think user:Xavi added the OBX templates to activity pages
a while back; recently user:Femslade added Activity_page and
Activity_bundle templates that annotate similar info, and you can edit
them in a form.  I don't know if anything reuses info like

Greg Smith asked me:
> If we can edit activities page safely do you feel up to making some
> edits there... Maybe propose something on devel then we can approve and
> execute. Let me know if what we are looking for there is not clear.

Sorry, I have no idea what people are looking for (Cheney keeps us all 
on a need-to-know basis, damn these freedom-destroying wikis with no 
congressional oversight!). My proposal would just be guesses, e.g.:
* Unify the OBX templates and the semantic properties?
* Unify the Creating_an_activity page and the new Form:Activity?
* Automatically generate tables of activities?
** Replace (outdated?) Bundled/Core/Extra distinctions with a property?
** Display activity and versions compatible with a particular build?
* Generate the Activity_microformat data for the pages that Software 
update parses (scary...)?

Y'all can reply here, or edit 
<>, or some 
other talk page in the wiki.

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