Hey activity maintainers,

I shrank the wasteful junky layout slightly and got rid of all the 
warning triangles for empty values.  If you see any yellow triangles 
after updating your activity page, please let me know.

The Template:Activity_page could omit altogether table rows that have no 
value.  That would shrink it further but you'd lose the reminder to fill 
in Related projects, Contributors, etc.  Speak up if you want empty rows 

Gary C Martin wrote:
> I think the main weird oddity I see now is that every activity page now 
> using the new for has two blocks of apparently duplicate data showing, 
> very confusing. There's a nicely formatted table at the very bottom 
> (Facts about Moon),

That's the "factbox" you see on pages with semantic info.  (Since it 
repeats info that's annotated somewhere else on the page, the newer 
version of Semantic MediaWiki hides it by default.)

>  but before it is a great long ~page screed of the 
> same data in a wasteful junky layout (Activity Summary).

=S Page   user:skierpage
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