On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 3:47 AM, S Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey activity maintainers,
> I shrank the wasteful junky layout slightly and got rid of all the
> warning triangles for empty values.  If you see any yellow triangles
> after updating your activity page, please let me know.

thanks a lot, the wiki has been looking pretty sharp these days :)


> The Template:Activity_page could omit altogether table rows that have no
> value.  That would shrink it further but you'd lose the reminder to fill
> in Related projects, Contributors, etc.  Speak up if you want empty rows
> omitted.
> Gary C Martin wrote:
>> I think the main weird oddity I see now is that every activity page now
>> using the new for has two blocks of apparently duplicate data showing,
>> very confusing. There's a nicely formatted table at the very bottom
>> (Facts about Moon),
> That's the "factbox" you see on pages with semantic info.  (Since it
> repeats info that's annotated somewhere else on the page, the newer
> version of Semantic MediaWiki hides it by default.)
>>  but before it is a great long ~page screed of the
>> same data in a wasteful junky layout (Activity Summary).
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