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> [adding sugar-devel as this is of interest also outside OLPC]
> On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 23:49, Mildred Ki'Lya <ml.mildred...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I'm new here, and I came interested in the OLPC project because it's a
>> wonderful computer, very well integrated, and I just had one via the
>> European G1G1 project. And now, I thought I could contribute :)
>> I wanted to know if there was any project of creating an activity that
>> would be a jabber client. If so, could I help, where is it? And if not,
>> perhaps I should start one.
> Actually, having Chat working as a regular IM client would be very
> interesting and may not be a very big project. The only missing piece
> is being able to add contacts to your roster other than through the
> mesh view.

Chat is at least a partial IM client, with Neighborhood View as a
graphical buddy list. It all runs on Jabber, but only has partial
interoperability with non-Sugar Jabber clients.

With the current stable version of Sugar (0.82 in OLPC 8.2.0) you
cannot see non-Sugar clients in Neighborhood View, but that was an
issue which we have subsequently fixed, and in OLPC 9.1.0 or Sugar
0.84 you will see non-Sugar IM clients as "buddies" in Neighborhood

If a non-Sugar client finds a Sugar user (XO or other) on a Jabber
server and sends them an IM, it will show up in Sugar as a
notification on the screen corner for a few seconds, and then be
visible as a Chat invitation in the frame. (A better notification
system in Sugar will improve its visibility when it happens...)
Accepting the "invitation" opens Chat with a one-to-one connection to
the message sender.

Regular use of Chat as a shared activity creates a Jabber MUC (multi
user chat room).

The missing piece at this stage is allowing the Sugar system to
initiate a one-to-one Chat with a non-Sugar IM client on the Jabber
server, perhaps through Neighborhood View.

> I think the idea is to add a palette option somewhere that allows you
> to type or paste a contact ID so it will appear in your friends view.
> Then you would get presence notification, the ability to chat and
> transfer files, and with some extra work, a/v conversations.

If you can search for users on the server with Gadget, then OLPC 9.1.0
and Sugar 0.84 will have the ability to: See non-Sugar IM clients as
"buddies", friend them so they will show up again on Neighborhood View
in future, and search for them on the server.

Perhaps we just need to ensure that the search can be by JID even if
it's by nick for the regular use case.


> If someone would like to jump on this challenge, it's there waiting for you!
> Regards,
> Tomeu
>> I just tried to run gajim in sugar,  but it seems because the $HOME gets
>> defined in a sandboxed environment that is erased each time, so I can't
>> keep the configuration :/ On the other hand, I think that writing from
>> scratch a jabber client would require much work, and time I don't really
>> have. What do you think is appropriate?
>> Thanks :)
>> Mildred
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