I have seen this problem when the alsamixer settings have become  
messed up.  Seems like there are one or 2 processes that occasionally  
write to the alsamixer config file.

You can alter the settings by running the graphical program /usr/bin/ 
alsamixer  from the terminal.  There is also a command line program / 
usr/sbin/alsactl but being late at night I can't remember the syntax  
off hand.

On Dec 30, 2008, at 12:12 AM, Philipp Kocher wrote:

> Hi
> The sound of 5 of our 100 XOs doesn't work anymore.
> The hardware test is okay (sound works), but all the sugar  
> activities I
> tested (Scratch, TamTamMini, Speak, Gcompris) don't have sound.
> Rebooting the XO doesn't help.
> I checked the sugar log files and /var/log/messages, but couldn't find
> any sound related warnings or errors.
> We are running build 767, but I have seen the same problem with build
> 708 (but not that often).
> Reinstalling the OS solves the problem, but I would prefer an easier
> solution.
> I checked if such a bug is reported, but couldn't find a ticket (the
> sound resume problem of ticket 6201 is normally solved with a reboot).
> Since I don't know how to reproduce the problem, I would like to
> localize it before opening a ticket.
> What can I do to localize the problem (e.g. low level sound tests)?
> Is it possible that running out of battery while playing sound can  
> have
> such an effect or could it be related to the resume problem of ticket
> 6201 (we had that problem very often with Scratch when the  
> experimental
> power management was switched on )?
> Regards,
> Philipp
> Pepyride School
> Cambodia
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