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Samuel Klein wrote:
> Hi,
> The Lennon video that's been murmured about for weeks has been
> released.  I'm curious to see reactions from the list.

  I have to agree wtih David on making a dead cerebrity say something
he didn't say.  And, while the message of "Imagine" and Lennon have
"some" overlap with the mission of OLPC, but it is not as big as one
might think.  Looking at Yoko Ono has been saying and doing, she/they
are more into new-agey, peseudo-sciencey, and not quite a good message
in conjunction with education.

  I like some of the songs, and I don't oppose to progressive art and
their activities, but I feel it awkward if people treat Lennon as a
big symbol for practical world changer and not to mention for

-- Yoshiki
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