> <gently> Many more people are going to read
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Adobe_Flash page than follow this mailing
> list.  Your effect on XO users by only answering problems here is
> limited, you're just making the smart smarter still.
> Just in time for New Year's resolutions:  edit the wiki page first.

Hey Skier! Your wish is my command :)

Just did a massive update to the Adobe Flash page, hope to update the
main Flash Player and Gnash pages as well soon, pending spare time off

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I de-emphasized Webkinz.com
with the newer edits because the old Adobe Flash entry looked like a
massive Webkinz advertisement :P

Can I resurrect the Gnash/Gstreamer thread here? I sure could use help
with getting mp3 sound working on Gstreamer in so we can put a
step-by-step entry for people who are not as well-versed in Linux
(that includes me!) on how to get sound working at

The old thread here was left unresolved and hanging and I still
haven't gotten Gnash sound/Gstreamer mp3 working on the XO 8.2.0.

It's been suggested at the Gnash dev mailing list that alternative
sound codecs such as AMR be used instead by authors (I used it before
for a Flash Lite game because MP3 playback wasn't supported on some
phones) but frankly this is wishful thinking as almost every single
.SWF out there is published with MP3 sound.

Anyway, for the benefit of the folks who prefer to use Gnash to Adobe
Flash, it would be really great if we could outline that sound howto
on the Gnash wiki entry :)

> Anyway, why does this wiki page tell you to enter
>   sudo su -
> when every other page I've seen says
>   su -  (or su -l)
> ? `sudo su -` seems redundant.

Fixed it.

Happy New Year, all!


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