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> swfdec{,-mozilla} use gstreamer, are LGPLed, and support most of the

I've never really tried Swfdec before, but if it also uses Gstreamer
for decoding SWF sound (almost always encoded in MP3), we'd still end
up with the same problem as that currently experienced in getting
sound to work with Gnash on the XO.

The main problem I've had so far is getting the Gstreamer Ugly plugins
set (non-FOSS plugins, including the MP3 decoder) installed properly
on XO 8.2.0 via Yum because the Gstreamer in 8.2.0's repository is
some kind of mishmash from the older Fedora 8 version, not the one
from Fedora 9 which XO OS 8.2.0 is based on.

Because of this, installing Gstreamer plugins ugly via yum causes a
lot of complaints and it doesn't really get installed and updated
properly. (I do believe the build team didn't upgrade gstreamer
repository in 8.2.0 to the latest packages because the latest version
had problems with the XO's camera)

And since I'm rather new to Linux, recompiling Gnash with MP3 sound
running is currently beyond my ken.

It would be really cool if we could update the Gnash page with a
dummy's guide to enabling sound for Gnash if the team is strongly
committed to libre (FOSS) vs gratis (Free, but proprietary --
something I personally have no problem with as my distro of choice is
Linux Mint ;P).

Anyway, the current frustrating dillema is that it's so much easier to
just install the Adobe Flash plugin than to get sound working with
Gnash on the XO, and this is really wrong on so many levels if OLPC is
trying promote the use of Gnash as the XO OS's default flash media

Btw, any chance of slipping in Gnash 0.8.4 for the next build?



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