On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 10:56:59PM +0800, Carlos Nazareno wrote:
>Ditto. I've tried Sugarizing newer versions of Opera myself, but we're
>out of luck because of the Rainbow Security implemented in newer XO OS
>builds don't allow writing of files by Activities to certain
>directories that Opera installs to. The Opera dudes will have to
>create a special OLPC Opera Activity for us like with 9.12 since Opera
>is not open sourced and we won't be able to do the proper
>modifications for Rainbow Security compatibility ourselves.

Could you be more specific about what writes are failing?

In the past, we've been able to achieve both isolation and a working
activity (e.g. Scratch) with some easy filesystem tricks...

Also, have you filed a bug? I've tried searching dev.laptop.org for
"opera rainbow" but I didn't find any likely tickets...


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